Net Profits of Ukrenergy Holding in 2009 was about EUR 1 million

15 Nov 2013

At the current moment Ukrenergy Holding has more than 30 contracts with commercial consumers, including European subdivisions of Samsung. Korlea Invest Holding within the bounds of creation new joint holding with „GPVD ”Ukrinterenergo” farm out all its clients to Ukrenergy Holding.

According to V.Danyliv, net profits of Ukrenergy Holding in 2009 was about EUR 1 million. Company operates close to its zero breakeven point. This is the result of obligations since January 2009 to pay for 100 MW reserved capacity in Slovakia to support work of Island Burshtynskaya TPS simultaneously with European energy system according to UCTE requirements. Expences of Ukrenergy Holding for keeping reserved capacity are covered by its profits from electricity sale operations. To provide such capacity reserve by Island Burshtynskaya TPS is impossible due to the lack of available generation capacities.


Author: Dmitriy Milenky