Ukraine Imports about 18 Million Cubic Meters of Gas from Europe Daily

24 Dec 2015

Ukraine currently imports about 18 million cubic meters of natural gas per day from Europe, spokesman for the Ukrainian gas transport monopoly Ukrtransgaz Maxim Belyavsky said on Monday.

"The daily volume of natural gas receipt is 18 million cubic meters. Slovakia - 13,8 million cubic meters, Poland - 4 million cubic meters," he said.

Ukraine produces about 52 million cubic meters of gas daily, which is supplied to the country's gas transportation system, he added.

Fuel consumption in Ukraine amounts to 125 million cubic meters per day. Currently, there are 14,736 billion cubic meters of gas in Ukraine's underground storages, 54,7 million cubic meters of fuel are taken from the storages daily, according to Russia's (TASS) News Agency.

The transportation of natural gas to Europe through Ukraine: Europe - 217,3 million cubic meters per day, Moldova - 9,1 cubic meters per day.

The gas transmission system works in the normal operating mode and performs all assigned functions," Belyavsky added. (QNA)