Financial Sector

Financial Sector
Banking, Insurance, Private Equity

The recent financial crisis dramatically shifted the world economy. Large financial companies suffered from economic recession, decrease in property prices, depreciation of equities, improvement of governmental supervision and regulation. Those companies, which were not ready for such changes came close to default. Even companies, which implemented appropriate measures to cope with current crisis situation should adapt to new economic environment and create new models of running business.

Nowadays the following challenges exist inside the industry:

Banking and Insurance

  • Necessity to create absolutely new business model oriented on relationships with customers
  • Analyzing, forecasting revenue and profit pulls inside the industry
  • In terms of strategic goals reviewing organizational structures, operational models and business processes to adapt to changing customer behavior
  • Implementing of proper risk management system
  • Forecasting the impact of increasing governmental regulations
  • Cost reduction together with high quality of services

Private Equity

  • Importance of stabilizing equity portfolios, reviewing investments and cut losses
  • Forecasting and distinguishing investment opportunities in constantly changing capital markets
  • Improving risk management policies
  • Changing investment strategy and focusing on hedging

We are recognized for implementing effective change management programs and through cooperation with our Clients. We are able to assist in such spheres, as strategic models, organizational structure, marketing, customer relationship management, operational excellence, due diligence.