Process Industries, Machinery, Automotive, Food & Beverage etc.

Manufacturing is the engine of each national economy. The industry consists of various sectors generating the major part of countries’ GDP.

Industries are dynamic and fast growing, always facing new challenges.

Market becomes more complicated and requirements for manufacturers increased rapidly. Let us consider a good example of growing competition not only inside industry, but also outside. For the last years retail companies accumulated strong market power and now are able to compete with consumer industrial producers in terms of pricing, delivery and creating value for customers through their own product lines. Their core advantage is close proximity to customers. Despite great differences between sectors inside the industry, all companies face similar difficulties:

  • Developing new perspective thinking to fit the situation of constantly shortening product life cycles
  • Becoming more complex, building relationships with suppliers and customers and aligning such processes as research and development, product engineering to constantly changing customer needs
  • Cooperation with government in terms of environmental protection, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Constant focus on innovation
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency, developing and implementing recycling technologies
  • Balancing between production cost and quality of products
  • Building effective strategy in terms of supply chain management and brand portfolio management

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