Kharkiv tractor manufacturing plant announces joint project with Deere & Company in Ukraine

19 Apr 2015

According to, Kharkiv Tractor Manufacturing Plant has made an offer to Deere & Company on assembling combines project in its facilities.

The agreement was reached at the meeting in Washington, USA, between Ukraine's Minister of Agriculture and Food Oleksiy Pavlenko and managers of Deere & Company, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

"Kharkiv Tractor Manufacturing Plant made an offer to start a joint project on assembling combines in its facilities. Management of Deere & Company will consider and review the proposal," the statement said.

In order to successfully implement the joint project with Deere & Company, Agriculture Ministry will conduct a feasibility analysis and equipment, spare parts, components potential for further talks on cooperation. "Expanding of operations in the Ukrainian market of such companies as Deere & Company is a major stimulus for development of the agricultural sector," said the official.

Management of Deere & Company offered Agriculture Ministry to establish a system for precise farming throughout the country. At the core of a scientific concept for precision farming is the theory of inhomogeneities that exist within the same field. To evaluate these inhomogeneities using the latest technologies such as global positioning system GPS, special sensors, aerial photographs and satellite imagery, and special programs for farming management based on geographic information systems, the experts say.

Ukrainian minister emphasized the importance of precision farming system for the nation's agriculture, "The Precision of Deere RTK navigation machinery has an error range of up to 2.5 cm. Each tractor-harvester is equipped with the most accurate equipment for harvesting field crops.

It is particularly important that Deere & Company are ready to mount their most advanced equipment and technology on machinery supplied by other manufacturers within the framework of projects that support agriculture in Ukraine."

As a background note, Deere & Company is an American machine building company that manufactures agricultural, construction and lumber processing machinery. Based on various ratings, it is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world. The company's founder was John Deere (1804-1886), an American blacksmith and industrialist, inventor of steel plow.

Over the past seven years, John Deer Ukraine subsidiary has sold more than 10,000 units of new equipment in Ukraine.

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