From small local outlets to large international chains

Retail industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing industries in the world. This is the last and one of the most important elements in distribution chain.

The world financial and economic crisis affected this sector and forced retailers to search new ways to adjust to customer needs. Dramatic change in economic situation put new challenges to this industry as well. In order to be successful retailers should constantly think about the next issues:

  • Increasing competition inside industry mainly from international giants
  • Rise brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Improving customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Optimizing supply chain operations
  • Developing new marketing and technological solutions
  • Building strong and beneficial relationships with key suppliers to reduce the cost of purchase and to obtain unique proposition
  • Forecasting customer demand and reaching portfolio of products, services, establishing new outlets for future development

In current situation retail companies should focus on building long term profitable relationships with their customers and not just sell the goods, but also keep them loyal which is crucial in times of crisis. We could definitely help our Clients to overcome these challenges. We are able to advise how to build an appropriate sale and portfolio strategies, reengineer business processes, improve customer service and lower costs, implement technological innovations.