Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Technology, Media, Telecom, IT, Software

Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry (TMT) is the most fast growing in the world. It is the nature of high tech to change day-to-day.

For recent years consumer behavior significantly changed. The reason is a development of new on-line platforms, mobile technologies and social networking.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry is recognized as local and simultaneously global business. Companies inside the industry operate at the highest speeds. In order to remain competitive they should reach new and new goals and immediately react to constantly growing customer requirements.

TMT companies face in general the same difficulties.

Technology & Software

  • Balance between product quality and time and resources’ consumption that affect prices
  • Motivation of workforce for continuous search of innovations
  • Customer group segmentation and focusing on, where company is able to generate maximum value
  • Creation of the best mix of innovation, R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing

Media & Entertainment

  • Overflow of advertisement market in Internet, which caused significant change in business models
  • Reach cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Protection of media content and brand image
  • Focus on social responsibility


  • Proper trends analysis, effective forecasting and accurate choice of technologies to invest in
  • Constant infrastructure upgrade and expansion
  • Importance of consolidation with other market players to finance large scale projects
  • Customer satisfaction on lower costs

We fully understand competitive advantages, market dynamics and recent trends in TMT industry and we are ready to help our Clients in achieving sustainable growth and profitability.