Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure
Transportation, Travel, Logistic Infrastructure

Transportation and logistics infrastructure industry faces continuous changes.

Companies still have a lot of opportunities to search new strategic solutions to grow their business and reach sound development. The sector is mainly privatized, deregulated and operates globally. Cooperation, alliances with other market players are the key factors of growth and success inside industry.

Each sector is undergoing many challenges:


  • Due to high fragmentation it is very difficult to identify the leader in the industry. In order to evaluate competition, companies should segment market in the thorough and specific way that could be rather complicated
  • It is vital for companies to keep subtle balance between constantly growing customer demands and the cost of serving them
  • The importance to build unique pricing policy and customer loyalty programs to keep existing customers and attract new ones

Logistics Infrastructure

  • Companies in this industry are not able to bring innovative approach, so operational excellence is the key factor of their success
  • It is important for companies to implement new technologies in order to increase their profitability, decrease their time and resources’ consumption
  • Develop appropriate strategic thinking and culture, build perfect planning system, increase transparency and focus on environmental issues

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