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LLC “Advanced Development Consulting” (the “ADC”) is internationally oriented organization and is caring about the privacy.

Our Privacy Policy explains how ADC protects Visitors’ information gathered via this Website (

In case you are a Visitor of this Website and choose to register or send us information, you automatically agree to the use of such information according to our Privacy Policy.

Data Collection

Via our Website we collect personal information that is voluntarily provided by Visitors. ADC collects limited information that may include full name, title, position, company name, telephone number, e-mail address, location (country or region), sphere of professional activity (industry etc.).

We use this information for internal purposes only in order to understand your needs and requirements.

The main objectives of data collection are the following:

  • Receive your feedback to improve our services;
  • Periodical mailing of newsletters, ADC releases and presentations;
  • For further contacts on business matters.

You are welcome to decide whether you would like to receive information from us. The information will be sent to your e-mail address which you have submitted.

By filling out the online form on the website and/or signing up for mailings of LLC "Advanced Development Consulting" you give your voluntary consent for the processing of your personal data in the database "Current and Potential Clients and Partners of LLC "Advanced Development Consulting". Processing of your personal data will be performed according to the purpose, terms and conditions specified in the written Consent and Notification on Personal Data Processing.


ADC may use browser cookies to ensure that the Web Site is properly managed and keep track of your visits to our Website.

A cookie (HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on your computer by a web browser. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information.
The cookie is sent as an HTTP header by a web server to a web browser and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server. A cookie can be used for authentication, session tracking, storing site preferences, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing textual data.

As text, cookies are not executable. Because they are not executed, they do not qualify as spyware or viruses. Most modern browsers allow you to decide whether to accept cookies, and the time frame to keep them on your computer, but rejecting cookies may make our Website unusable for you.

Disclosure of Information

Visitors’ information collected via our Website is transferred using appropriate data protection technologies inside the ADC.

Visitor’s information is not disclosed to third parties:

  • To anyone outside the ADC;
  • To anyone within the ADC unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose.

By providing information to the Firm through the Website, you are consenting to such transfers, where appropriate, personal information may be disclosed to law enforcement, regulatory, or other government agencies, or third parties where necessary to comply with legal or regulatory obligations or requests or for the purposes identified above.

Disclosure and processing of the collected personal data shall be made in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data» No. 2297-VI dated 01.06.2010 and other applicable laws of Ukraine.

Information Security

ADC is conscious about information security. We use data protection and operational security technologies to protect information provided by Visitors from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Website contains links to external sources and web-sites. Once you have used these links, you leave our Website. ADC is not responsible and do not have control over other web-sites and their content.

Visitors’ Questions

If you have any questions or propositions considering your privacy while using this Website, please send them to our postal address, email or use Email Us form.


Last updated: 24 Oct. 2013