Research and Analytics

  • Country analysis by various areas of focus
  • Macroeconomic indicators overview
  • Industry analytics
  • Market research
  • Data mining and analysis of statistical data on the specified criteria

Strategic Сonsulting

  • Strategic diagnostics
  • Development of business strategies or strategies of its particular business projects
  • Identification of the best ways of entering new markets and development of market entry strategy
  • Optimization of business processes and costs
  • Development of business plans

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Business valuation
  • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of the business or project
  • Due diligence
  • Search of assets in Ukraine and in other countries of the world
  • Search for potential bidders and strategic investors


  • Fund-raising for business or single projects
  • Development of investment strategy
  • Preparation of presentations for investors
  • Search for investors
  • Support in negotiation process

Business Matchmaking

  • Organization of meetings with top managers and business owners
  • Support in negotiation process
  • Preparation of corporate presentations
  • Search for potential partners/investors/customers
  • Organization of business trips

Legal Services

  • Start-Up Services
  • Ongoing Support
  • Project Support

Other Services

  • Comprehensive project management services
  • Ongoing consulting support (as per separate request)
  • Risk-management services
  • Assistance in personnel recruitment, choice of outsourced companies and other services